COVID19 - ECL Calculator operations during the COVID19 lockdown

Dear Client,

As you will be aware, government has recently announced some measures to counter the spread of COVID19. We have considered the directives issued and have made arrangements to ensure our clients continue to have access to our services throughout this period, including the following:
Our staff will be working remotely and be available to clients throughout the shutdown period.
Our staff will be available during normal hours (8.30am-4.30pm) however, with prior arrangement, may be available outside these hours to suit the requirements of your circumstances.
Our team will be contactable by using the same contact details as before, including landlines which will be routed directly to their remote location.
In the event that a video conference is required, our staff have access to the necessary equipment to participate.
With respect to any training engagements scheduled, our staff are equipped to conduct the training online should you be able to facilitate a reliable and strong internet connection for your participants. Should it not be practical to do this, please let us know so that we may arrange for a new date, post the shut-down period, to conduct the training.

Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team members directly or via and our office landline – +27 11 568 03 70.

Yours faithfully